Humboldt Taxpayers Leagues’ Decisions on Local Ballot Measure

No on Measure A – City of Arcata Trails Tax

As written, it is too vague for voters to understand the specifics of this parcel tax. Arcata Community Forest timber harvest revenues are designated to cover the costs of trails.  Where’s the need? The public deserves more transparency, a specific explanation for the need for additional revenue, and a structured plan for the use of this parcel tax.

Yes on Measure BRaise percentage of low incoming housing in City of Arcata

Increasing the availability for low income housing in Arcata makes sense but caution planners to keep housing in close proximity to essential services. And while we’re at it ensure, each year, that tenants are income qualified.

No on Measure C –  Rank voting for City of Eureka Council Members

Election of our representatives should be based simply on the popular majority vote. Rank voting is simply not democratic for multiple candidates and makes vote tabulation more difficult allowing for delays and increased lawsuits.

Neutral on Measure D – Bond proposal for south Eureka schools

Our board did not reach a decision on the Pine Hill / South Bay School bond measure. We therefore choose to remain neutral.

Yes on Measure E – City of Trinidad sales tax

This new $.75 sales tax with a 4-year sunset makes sense for Trinidad. The city provides services to a large number of non-residents. Additionally, this tax measure is a modest sales tax and protects taxpayers with a 4-year sunset clause.

No on Measure F – Arcata Fire District property tax

No on Measure F. This is an additional fire tax and the third attempt by Arcata Fire District to additionally burden property owners instead of seeking their fair share of funding from the existing city and county sales tax measures. It unfairly burdens low income property owners. Upon questioning, the fire district has not answered all our questions in a timely manner. We are not convinced they have exhausted other funding sources or been creative on sustainable solutions.

Yes on Measure G, barely – City of Fortuna sales tax extension

An extension of Fortuna’s $.75 sales tax, passed in 2016, and has the good governance of committee oversight and annual audits. While HTL would prefer a shorter sunset clause, Fortuna has demonstrated accountability and hope they continue to do so.

No on Measure H – City of Eureka sales tax increase, no sunset

Eureka replaces an existing $.75 sales tax that sunsets with a larger $1.25 sales tax with no sunset! As the retail hub of the County, this is too large an increase to all county residents and it never ends.  Equity and accountability to taxpayers are missing from this tax measure.

Neutral on Measure I – Raise percentage of low incoming housing in unincorporated areas

While increasing low income and senior housing in unincorporated areas of Humboldt County may be needed, HTL generally supports this type of housing in incorporated areas. Placing such housing far from essential services traps people in food deserts without adequate access to medical services and public transportation. HTL is neutral position on this measure.

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