Has the Arcata Fire District (AFD) done enough to consolidate services to provide an efficient use of limited resources?

Why is AFD demanding a special tax during these uncertain economic times?

Whether the measure passes or not will not significantly affect ISO ratings.

95% of the AFD calls are medical assistance and do not require a full engine company
response. This current policy can change.

Why does there appear to no longer be a deficit in AFD’s ledger? Just last year the
failed Measure R campaign told us there was a $250,000 deficit hence the need for
more taxes.

This measure as stated mis represents the actual tax. The stated total annual tax is
simply not accurate. Make no mistake, this measure is an ADDITIONAL fire tax. It would NOT replace the existing fire tax.

Measure F fails to recognize that here are significant financial impacts residents and
businesses already face related to;
1. The Covid -19 emergency.
2. Arcata’s upcoming water and sewer rate hikes.
3. Arcata’s vague Open Space tax Measure A on the same ballot that would add
$37 per parcel.
4. Other Arcata first responder budgets may face $750,000 decrease.
5. Mobile home park residents who fought hard for rent control will be faced with a
$75 per unit additional tax if Measure F passes.
The Humboldt County Taxpayer League worked with the Arcata Fire District for nearly a year to come up with a more palatable solution. Unfortunately, the Fire District has brought back the same measure yet again.

For this, the third edition of the same or similar measure, please vote NO on Measure F.

/s/ Uri Driscoll, President

Humboldt County Taxpayer League

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